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Vitamin C serum

That serum is the holy grail. It gave me the best results

Intensive Repair Serum
Jemimah Kakai
Great Results

About 3 weeks of using this serum and I can already see some great results. I have sensitive, oily and acne prone skin and this product has really helped me. My hyperpigmentation is fading and I have no new breakouts. This serum is amazing🤗

I didn’t like the smell
N my skin slightly reacted to it

So far so good

I have used it for about a week and half and i can see changes. Bottle is really small

I honestly love these products...the first time I purchase the ultimate clear skin bundle my skin loved it...it flourished so I added the Vitamin C serum and wow. The products lasted around 4 months and I used to use everyday except the mask. I saving to purchase them again. Honestly the products are amazing and recommend them

Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

This cleanser completely cleanses the face without making the face feel dry. I love it.

I use it in combination with the toner, serum and exfoliating mask for the amazing results like getting rid of spots, blackheads etc.. I have friends whom I referred and they also are happy with the results.

Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

Just as the name suggests, it literally melts away makeup even the water proof ones.

It isn't harsh on the skin as well.
I love it. ❤️

Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

Even without my foundation on my face, people think I have it on.

This toner has helped in shrinking the face pores making the face look flawless, and glowy.

It is fast absorbing too.

I am a loyal and proud user since its inception.

Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

If you love your face and love yourself, you would treat yourself with this mask. ✨️
It sorted out my blackheads for good...

It is easy to use and you start seeing results immediately after use. When taking off the mask, you clearly see and improvement on your skin and the glow afterwards is amazing.

I have been using this product since it's inception and I haven't come across any other face mask guaranteeing results like this radiant instant exfoliating mask.


Happy loyal client

Intensive Repair Serum
Queen Lysh kiki
Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

I love this serum. I have used and been loyal to it since its inception, and I have loved it ever since. I have never cheated on this serum, and I use it consistently because of the amazing results. I had hyperpigmemtation and it sorted that out for me.

It is a light weight serum with no greasy feeling or oily looking on the face. It is quickly absorbed, and it fades PMS acne scars pretty fast too.

I have recommended this serum to many friends and even my sister and they have gotten amazing and and consistent results.

🥰 💞 👌 🥰

Double Cleanse Kit

Boost Your Glow Bundle
Nisma Abdalla

It has been about 2 weeks since I started using the bundle. My face is considerably brighter and I can see improved texture.

Intensive Repair Serum

This mask brightened my skin and improved my skin texture within the first week of application highly recommend 10/10✨

The intensive serum is the best thing that has ever happened for my oily skin highly recommend ♥️♥️

Not used it for so long but so far my oily skin is glowing


The serum is lovely ...but honestly its too small...increase its quantity in a bigger or larger bottle ...kindly.

Vitamin C Serum Brightening and Anti-aging

Vitamin C Serum Brightening and Anti-aging



This mask really does wonders to my skin, it brighten my skin, improved my skin texture. In just 2 weeks my acne is reducing

Great product.. thanx

Instant Radiance Exfoliating Mask 50g

Frankincense Foaming Cleanser - 150ml

Its making my face sweat, please advise me why

Instant radiance exfoliating mask

The product didn't instantly work for me but it does help with 3 to 4 application and I like it

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