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This mask really does wonders to my skin, it brighten my skin, improved my skin texture. In just 2 weeks my acne is reducing

Great product.. thanx

Instant Radiance Exfoliating Mask 50g

Frankincense Foaming Cleanser - 150ml

Its making my face sweat, please advise me why

Instant radiance exfoliating mask

The product didn't instantly work for me but it does help with 3 to 4 application and I like it

Intensive serum

Now is the 3rd week and I have seen some changes on my face.... Hoping for the best results after 6weeks... But I really love it

Intensive Repair Serum

The repair serum is really nice ...I wanna get there vitamin c plus so far so good am in love with Qasil beauty products

Intensive Repair Serum
galdys mwendwa

This Serum is beautiful, there is nothing like this in the market. i have used it for the last 3 years and i cannot replace it with anything. my face loves it.

Repair serum

Hello I really love the repair serum.. though I've tried making an order of another one on vein.. pliz assist with the contacts where I should
channel my money

Guaranteed Amazing results on skin

Several years later (over 5yrs, started with zahra products), still stuck to qasil products because of their effectiveness on my skin. My complexion is improved, the glow is evident, the skin is healthy and no breakouts. I'm in love with these products that's why I've referred lots of friends and family to use them and they also attest to the magic they perform on skin.

I love it! It has managed to remove the smile lines and i see the pores are also reducing, generally my face has been restored. Only problem is that the container is too small, Should it be used continuously? or can one break and then re-use after a while because i started using it about two weeks ago and it seems i need to replenish. Your comments online dont give too much confidence when you say out of stock because once i finish it i will need one ASAP meaning i have to pre-order. Which is what am doing here! can i pre-order now as i wait for the new stock?

Vitamin C Serum Brightening and Anti-aging

Repair serum

My face is really glowing.. Thanks to Qasil products

I actually don't know how i am supposed to rate this because,the serum really worked gave a brighter and glowing face but later i really had bad breakouts.Stopped using the serum

Skin feels plumped and hydrated!!!

I love how plumped and hydrated my skin looks and feels. I love the fact that this serum contains Niacinamide which helps minimise my pores and beneficial for acne!!!

the most difficult task when you have a oily skin and getting breakouts is getting the perfect cleanser for your face ; since i started using this Qasil Beauty cleanser together with the vitamin c serum am getting my glow back , the breakouts fading and the remaining back spots are fading away too, am so happy and I'm so in love with this cleanser , so gentle and moisturizing.

my main skin concern was uneven skin tone when i reached out to Qasil beauty for assistance they recommended the face mask and the intensive serum, at first when i used the face mask i got a burning-like sensation but that was gone by the second time i used it; its now my fifth month using the Qasil beauty face mask and my face is evened out now, but i don't think am stopping here, skincare has become a part of my life now, Thankyou Qasil beauty for making such amazing products

I have used this cleanser for the fourth months now and i can say its been prefect for my skin , i have a very oily skin an this just comes in handy

The Bridal Body Scrub 500g

The Gem!

This serum is your Best formulation ever. I have acne-prone skin. However when I began using this serum they vanished, it cleared some of the scars and anytime a pimple popped up, it removed it without leaving spots. My number one best product.

It is gentle on my skin and does not dry my skin. I love it!

The body care bundle

Am a new mum and I have been using the body care bundle for about 2months. I would use the liwa soap and the soufflé everyday and then use the scrub twice a week. My whole Body is now even especially on my neck ,underarms and thighs that were so dark caused by the pregnancy

Ultimate Clear Skin Bundle

the best cleanser i have used so far, i have a very oily face and this one just works best, i used to get a dry skin after using other cleansers, but this one keeps my skin hydrated, and i love it

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